We offer our customers a turnkey global service, with high standards of quality, efficiency and professionalism.

Your project in good hands, from inception to completion

Proconstrói is a family-owned business which was established on September 12th, 2006. At the beginning of its activity it was mainly oriented to small and private works.

Proconstrói has shown a steady and sustained grown since its establishment, committing gradually to diversification of its action areas. In our portfolio we outline several general contracts, including various works from foundations to finishing works, seeking to present ourselves in the market with a modern image, conveying reliability and trust to our clients.

Combining the in-depth knowledge of some of its key employees, a team with a wide experience in civil construction, and consequently ensuring quality and efficiency in the services provided, it presents itself as a company that intends to stand out in the building business sector in Mozambique, and it is already recognized as a company providing quality services, combined with experience and reliability.

Proconstrói differs from other companies in the sector, by operating in a wide range of areas, from design conception to the final delivery of works, always with a high level of dedication and professionalism, providing to its clients much more attractive lower prices. These competitive advantages combined with the knowledge of the local culture, ensure quality and efficiency of our services and that can make Proconstrói your preferred partner for business.

Vision & Mission

Proconstrói’s vision is based on the desire to become a prominent company in its business areas, seeking essentially to bring cost-effectiveness to its investments as well as promoting a workplace that inspires respect for its employees, providing them with a sense of security and well-being.

Along with its clients, it has proven to be a committed business partner nationwide, able to carry out turnkey projects from scratch with top quality finishing works.


For its suppliers, Proconstrói intends to preserve an image of a worthy company that abides by its commitments and obligations just as it has happened to date.

Quality, Reliability, Consistency and Security are our foundations. We seek to establish solid relations with our customers, suppliers and employees, to consolidate our position in the market as a reliable and worth of credit by all our partners