We specialize in the following:

Real estate rehabilitation includes the works that aim to recover a building, be it a building, a store, an apartment or a dwelling, or any other building that shows totally or partially degradation. There is now a range of materials and processes, which aim to solve a huge variety of pathologies that the buildings present. Knowing how to evaluate and choose the systems that suit each situation, together with the best suppliers of materials, is of extreme relevance for a quality rehabilitation.
We also work on real-estate remodeling and requalification, usually interior spaces, turning them into spaces with new functions, redistribution of areas, brand new finishes and equipment. Remodeling can be small jobs such as painting, or as big as changing walls and replacing plumbing, sewerage and electricity. This specific area involves a good knowledge of current trends and evaluating the client needs accurately in order to be able to advise him on technical issues and help the client choosing the right materials.